Or did I? Meh, probably.

Part one HERE.

The guests at the con were a darn fine line-up of talent and as cool as everybody was, I think even the other guests would say the top of the heap was the multi-Eisner award wining creator of the fantastic comic Fables, Bill Willingham! If you haven’t read Fables, you should.

I picked up a few of his things including a SiouxperCon special variant cover of his new original fantasy work, LARK’S KILLER, published by 1First Comics. It was signed by him and his editor and fellow panelist, Megan Sloane. He also signed a copy of his novel Down the Mysterly River. Also pictured is the Cary Nord variant cover of the Edgar Rice Burrough’s universe comic,  The Greatest Adventure.

With Bill and Megan was Ken F. Levin, one of the co-founders of 1First Comics and has had his hand in getting a whole bunch of comics onto the screen. His solo panel was fun and interesting as were the panels he did with Bill and Megan. (ok, so I only saw their Sunday panel. Sorry, but I had reasons! Really!)

The variant edition of LARK’S KILLER was also made for The Brookings Book Company (and Comics!) and I believe the had some left at the end of the con so check them out if you want one. Or even if you don’t. It’s a great place (they have cats!) that I went to frequently when I still lived in Brookings. And please, go to you local comic shop and make sure they get in LARK’S KILLER. And then buy it. And enjoy it. Cause it’s good.

Back cover of LARK’S KILLER SiouxperCon variant

Otis Framton is a busy guy. Comics, web comics, animated shows (including How It Should Have Ended), illustrations and then squeezing in con appearances. All this and his ongoing pitch for Jawa Adventures, a hypothetical series staring, you guessed it, Jawas! It is a project whose time has come and he is the man for the job. I mean, just look at his stuff! And my crappy picture of the two prints of his I bought. Signed, of course.

Speaking of pictures, Tom Nguyen had two panels over the weekend, one being on photography that if I think about too much it makes me self-conscious about these pics. But also has motivated me to get a decent camera and change that situation. Tom is a freelance artist and photographer who has worked for the big guys in the comic world on some of their biggest characters. His other panel can be seen here. From Tom I bought this fantastic Captain America print.

Writer and cartoonist Erik Burnham hails from our neighbor to the east and is doing all kinds of cool stuff, Ghostbusters being his current big one. He has also worked on such titles as Red Sonja, KISS, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Galaxy Quest. Not only is he an excellent writer, he is a MST3K fan which is a known sign of quality taste. This is the Mars Attacks anthology trade paperback with one of his stories. Purchased from and signed by.

Sean E Williams is a New York Times best seller. Yeah, you read that. I can’t list all the stuff he has written (ok, I could but it would take a while) He is also the co-creator of Comicker LLC, a digital comic publishing company founded in 2014. My grab from him is the Artful Daggers trade which takes place fifty years after the events of Mark Twain’s A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur’s Court. Good stuff.

And lastly for this post but most assuredly not least, I give you Eliot Rahal, comic writer out of Minneapolis who as worked on Archer & Armstrong, The Paybacks (snagged this trade), and The Doorman among others. Dig what he is doing.

That’s it for this episode. Tune in next time for… more stuff? I guess?