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SiouxperCon 2017 Part Two: Hey! I Didn’t Make A Fool Of Myself!

Or did I? Meh, probably.

Part one HERE.

The guests at the con were a darn fine line-up of talent and as cool as everybody was, I think even the other guests would say the top of the heap was the multi-Eisner award wining creator of the fantastic comic Fables, Bill Willingham! If you haven’t read Fables, you should.

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SiouxperCon 2017 Part One: Who Needs A Savings Account, Anyway?

Good lord, I’m still exhausted.

I, for a change, crawled out of my isolation chamber and ventured out into the world in which I used to be a regular citizen. Fandom.

The second annual SiouxperCon was held on May 12th, 13th, and 14th at the Best Western Plus Ramkota Hotel in Sioux Falls, SD and even though I haven’t been to a convention in, yeesh, twenty plus years, it was a smooth slide back.

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ARTS! I Gots Some!

The last few years I have had woefully little new art in my life so I am rectifying that. And here is some of the stuff I’ve picked up.

First, something I have posted about before but I finally took it in to be framed. A fantastic piece by my art school classmate and across the pond buddy, Jen Dixon. The bulk of Jen’s current work is abstract and this is no exception. “Dragon’s Teeth”

Jen is also now doing online art classes on Skillshare. You should check them out if you are looking to work on your artist skills.

And here is a piece by a citizen of the Hub City, Aberdeen, SD. Nick Fischer’s “Mars Patterns.”

Nick and Nicole Fischer’s work can be found here and both are part of the SD Artworks Coop Gallery in Aberdeen where I acquired this.

More recently I picked up this at Artworks, an encaustic collage by Lois Beckner, “Dead Men Walking.”

Rachel Kahn is a professional illustrator and creator of the fantastic web comic “By Crom!” The premise of the comic being Rachel’s spirit guide through life is a certain mighty barbarian created by Robert E. Howard. I have two risograph illustrations from Rachel, the first one being from “By Crom!” and the second being the a powerful wizard of chronomancy, “URMYXI.”

And finally, a bit of mass produced art that I couldn’t pass up CAUSE IT’S A BIG OL’ OCTOPUS! Cephalopods. They are awesome.

I haven’t been in a position to support art in a while so I am pretty jazzed to have possession of these works. There is so much great stuff out there I hope you grab some art from your local talent pool and from not so local when you can.


A Jen Dixon Original

I have had a very good week. Hung out with some friends, fired off some Nerf guns, took some pictures that I’m happy with, did a sketch that I’m happy with and something happened that I’m not quite ready to talk about (but soon, dear readers.) And to cap it off, in the mail today I received this:

Dragon's Teeth

An original piece of art by Jen Dixon, who has been mentioned here before. I love it and am honored to have it. Jen is having an exhibition of her work starting next week and I hope it is a raging success. She also sent me some post cards of her work.

Oh Deer! Bite Your Tounge Bring It Back Down Taking the Control Back Oath Mask

Thank you, Jen. Thank you.

Joyner Studio

All photo courtesy of Lee Joyner 


Lee Joyner is another art school friend. His sculpting speaks for itself, the guy knows what he is doing!  He has worked in the f/x field for years and is also Director at the Cinema Makeup School. You can find more of his work at: http://joynerstudio.blogspot.com/   http://www.joynerstudio.com/ and http://joynerstudio.deviantart.com/





Singer, Songwriter Chase Walker

 Chase Walker 1

When I last saw this young man I was around 30 and he was around 3.  We pretended to be Power Rangers.  Things have changed a bit.

At age 18,he is writing and preforming songs that are awfully damn good for anyone, much less a teenager.  Acoustic guitar and a nice lyrical form are what I already consider to be his signature sound.  And his vocals ain’t to shabby neither.  Click here or the above image to go to is SoundCloud page.

Amazing how the time goes.  I doubt he even remembers I was there the first time he used a vacuum.

His mom Shannon, another friend I recently reconnected with on Facebook, has a lot to be proud of and I hope she is proud of herself too.  Takes a pretty darn good person to raise such a pretty darn good young man.  Good on ya, Shannon, you rock!

This kid could go places.  As well he should.

Jen Dixon, Artist


All Images courtesy of  Jen Dixon

Here is yet another art school classmate, Jen Dixon.  Jen’s art is, in my not so humble opinon, wonderful.  Not only is she an excellent illustrator and figurative artist but her abstract work is moving in a way only abstract can be.

The real beauty of good abstract art is to convey emotion. The artist can suggest it, but the viewer brings their thoughts and feelings in the mix. I won’t tell you what these should invoke, that is up to you, but I will say I love it.

Another thing I love about Jen’s art is, as a person who attempts to be creative himself, it is nice to see someone you know doing it and doing it well.

Take a look at Jen’s work!  jendixon.com  There you can also find links to Jen’s other places on the web.  And also check out her personal blog: regularjen.com


Bishonen House

Logan_coat tumblr_inline_nj97keS4pu1slsff5 tumblr_inline_njivmktHL61slsff5

All photos courtesy of Donn Kinney

When I finally joined Facebook I reconnected with many people from my art school days, Donn Kinney being one.  He is now the owner and operator of Bishonen House, maker of high quality and fantastic looking dolls.  Donn is an amazing sculptor and designer.  Check his stuff out and tell him Bill sent you.


Bishonen House      Facebook      Tumblr      Steve



Red Circle Art Services

Check out my buddy Rod’s body airbrushing, art stuff and more!

Click on the image to get there.

Red Circle
Images courtesy of Rod Zirkle.

Rod is one of my dearest friends from way back, but that in no way makes me incapable of objectively being able of to say his stuff is mighty damn good!  Check more of his stuff at Imgur.





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